Mobile Field Station : Photos from Philly


Keith Bowman, an expert bryologist and alum from SUNY ESF gave advice on installing a mock greenhouse in the back of MLAB to mimic the conditions of Patty’s greenhouse that are keeping the mosses so green and happy. Sunlight, water and air. Keith then offered to take a growing group of us on a local moss walk with James leading the way.

The next day Christina Cantanese, the Director of Environmental Art at Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education came for a visit and then I went to see her digs to imagine ways we might work together later int he Spring on the moss labs way back up from Miami. She had curated a terrific show of Nancy Cohen’s work about the Hackensack River (my home county) and also showed me her own small moss herbarium she had collected and stored in her car. She wrote to me, “I think I (Christina) have had a moss fascination as long as I can remember (along with lichens and fungus). I think I’m fascinated by how often overlooked these life forms are…I love their scale, tiny and complex…(I think friends find me difficult to take hikes with, as I am often hanging back crouched down over a mossy growth).”







Moss Lab at Schuykill Environment Center

“Had dinner with John Cardone, James Redenbaugh and Stacey Lindbloom (Arch alum) and discussed where to park MLAB for the next two weeks. As it turns out James mother, Patti, lives in Philadelphia on the edge of the Schuykill Environmental Education Center property. With the dial of a finger, James has secured a safe spot for MLAB to park for the next two weeks!

Met up with Kristen Lubsen and David Clayton (VPA and MLAB601alum) who drove us out to Schuykill property and to meet Patty Redenbaugh. Patty is also a horticulturalist so we quickly placed all of the moss flats under her watering system in her greenhouses and know now that the moss will be safe happy and well watered during its stay in Philly. So grateful that John is also a legal MLAB driver!” Marion November 1, 2015